balcony cleaning

There are over 60 diseases that birds and their droppings carry. We are fully equipped with the right tools and protection to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and family. In most cases, cleaning is a must before net installation can begin. Pigeon Tom will safely and effectively clean the work site. Our workers are certified and experienced when dealing with toxic matter.

Our services include manual surface cleaning, disinfection, nest and waste removal. Most bird waste, especially pigeon waste, is highly toxic and cleanup should be left to the professionals. This ensures minimal water use and prevents toxic runoff onto your neighbours balconies. Our fast and thorough cleaning will allow you to open your doors to a clean and safe environment the whole family can enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Services

  1. Marie Hamilton Reply

    We are having pigeon problems in an alcove area of our townhouse and we would like a quote in solving this issue.

  2. Rae Reply

    Please call 07989145708
    would like to see if you can help us with our two balconies

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