What is 3/4" PlasticNet?

Pigeon Tom's 3/4" PlasticNet bird control net dimensions are 3/4" x 3/4" square holes. It is the economical option to keep birds off your balcony! It is recommended for tenants who want to protect their property with minimal investment. This net is just as effective as the 2" StrongNet and even more cost effective. All material and installation is 100% humane.

Quality that Works:

This net is made using UV resistant polypropylene strands. It is composed of very thin but tough knot-less plastic and is ONLY available in black.


First we install all necessary fastening points. Anchors or brackets are then installed and secured into these entrance points. Once this step is complete, a perimeter cable is inserted through the anchors and tightened to ensure tautness. The 3/4" PlasticNet is then secured to the cable using galvanized hog rings. We offer a discrete suspension system for a permanent and maintenance-free installation.


2 thoughts on “3/4″ PlasticNet

  1. Carl Thomas Reply

    I would like to get a quote for a net installation on my balcony. It’s a flush concrete balcony in a Mississauga Condo.

  2. Norman Reply

    I would like to have an estimate of the cost for my apartment please. I live in 30 Charles Street West in University of Toronto’s Student Family Housing, it is an indented small balcony and I would like to know about the most econnomical netting you have. How much would it cost me? the balcony is not larger than 3 square meters.

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