What is 2" StrongNet?

Pigeon Tom's 2" StrongNet bird control net is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion material in the industry. This net safely denies birds access to balconies, rooftops, A/C units and any open or exposed areas they don't belong. All material and installation is 100% humane.

Superior quality for longevity:

The 2" StrongNet dimensions are 2" x 2" square holes . The ultra-thin fiber strands ensure the least amount of visibility. This netting is composed of knotted, UV resistant polyethylene strands.

It's material is manufactured using advanced technology and has been designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters.  2" StrongNet comes with a guarantee of up to 10 years!


First we will install all necessary fastening points. Special anchors or brackets are then installed and secured into these entrance points. Once this step is complete, a perimeter cable is inserted through the anchors and tightened to ensure tautness. The 2" StrongNet is then secured to the cable using galvanized hog rings. We offer a discrete suspension system for a permanent and maintenance-free installation.


2" StrongNet can be custom tailored to fully suit your bird control needs. We can create any form or shape to completely cover the problem area. We also offer custom built framework for balconies with no ceilings. What ever your needs are, we promise to deliver our best work to ensure you are completely satisfied.



10 thoughts on “2″ StrongNet

  1. Tarah Reply

    Hello, yeah this article is really nice and I have learned
    lot of things from it about blogging. thanks.

  2. Steve Mulley Reply

    Would like to get a free estimate from you for your bird control screening.

  3. Joe Paul Reply

    This year we are having a pigeon issue on our balcony. We are looking to have betting put up.

  4. june bullied Reply

    i live at 100 high park avenue, toronto, i believe u installed chicken wire years ago for my balcony netting. our balconies have been repaired and now i need new netting. front, 2 sides, floor to ceiling. i will be home jan.2 and can let u know the measurements. also wd like cleaning done.

  5. Ali Reply

    We have a contract for Pigeon netting/control in some of the buildings in Toronto.
    Need Quote with all the warranties.

  6. Naina Reply

    Hi we have a condo on 7th floor at Rae street, Regina, sk. Have a balcony of around 12feet, Do you have service who place it here? Also what will be the quote?

  7. Ombretta Carfagnini Reply

    Hi. Looking for a secure fencing netting for the balcony. It’s 9X5. It’s for my cats. PETNET

    Pigeon Tom’s PetNet is pet safety netting used to ensure the safety of your cats and other small pets. The material used is our 2″ StrongNet

    I reside at 50 Quebec Ave.

  8. Trish Boyko Reply

    I am interested in having a net put up on my balcony
    I am lock-in Thornhill Ontario
    Balcony 10th floor pretty basic straight about 20 ft straight across
    Any chance I could get a quote or you are available
    Thanks so much

  9. Andrew Kane Reply

    We are a 58 unit, 6 storey condo in North Bay, Ontario.
    We are looking for quotes to have balcony netting installed on our building patios.
    Would you be interested in quoting installation of netting?

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