• 2"StrongNet: Professional results with our signature installation.
  • Visibility: Virtually invisible from the ground.
  • BirdSpikes: Humane stainless steel spikes that prevent pigeons from landing.
  • BirdShock: This humane device gently nudges pigeons away from perching area.
  • CleaningServices: Thorough cleaning and disinfection of affected areas.


About us

Pigeon Tom has been proudly serving the city of Toronto and the GTA, for more than two decades. We specialize in permanent and humane pigeon exclusion systems . It is our philosophy that we provide the best service to our beloved customers. Our services are made to accommodate nearly any request. We promise to maintain the same quality of service we have been providing your families and businesses for years. With our prompt and affordable work, we will have you out on your balconies in no time!

email us: customerservice@pigeontom.ca
Call us : 416-840-3689

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