What is PetNet?

Pigeon Tom’s PetNet is pet safety netting used to ensure the safety of your cats and other small pets. The material used is our 2" StrongNet however, our netting is installed in a unique way. We ensure that extra holes are drilled and more hooks are installed to avoid having any space for pets to climb through. This is the perfect way to make sure pets are safe on your balcony. All material and installation is 100% humane.


9 thoughts on “PetNet- Pet Safety Netting

  1. Anastasia Reply


    We would love to get an estimate on netting a balcony on the 3rd floor to allow cat on the baclony.

  2. Cameron Feldcamp Reply

    Looking for an estimate on fifth floor balcony. Enclosed balcony with cement walls deck and ceiling and one side with a metal divider.

  3. Tammy Reply

    Hi how much for a standard balcony, roughly? and do you do work in Windsor Ontario?

  4. Nicole Winters Reply

    Hi Tom! I was wondering what kind of animals are covered under your PetNet warranty?

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